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Installing and Upgrading the BeOS IM Kit


There are a few things you need to do before running this alpha:

Run the included file "". This will install all files needed to run the IM kit in the proper locations.


When the script has finished installing the IM kit, you will get the message: "All done". Press OK to continue. You will now find a folder called im_kit in /boot/apps/im_kit.

You should not have to run these apps manually, they're started automatically by the im_server when it starts up.


Sound events

The IM kit adds a number of new sound events that you can assign sounds to in the Sounds preflet (the OS-wide one, not something specific to the Kit). A nice little 8-bitty collection of sounds has been installed in /boot/apps/im_kit/sounds if you don't have sounds of your own to use.



Running should be enough to safely upgrade the Kit. When running the script, you will be notified that you are about to overwrite your existing version of the kit. Press Continue to upgrade or Cancel to abort the script.