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Introduction to BeOS Instant Messenger Kit


The IM Kit was envisioned and started by Linus Almstron (Procton).

The project leader is Mikael Eiman (m_eiman). Corrections, additions, bug reports are gladly accepted to <>, you can also find the developer team on #beosimkit at

Contributors has been in alphabetic order:

  • Ithamar Adema
  • Bruno G. Albuquerque (BGA)
  • Mikael Jansson (tic)
  • Michael Davidson (slaad)
  • Frank Paul Silye (frankps) - manual
  • Oliver Hartmann (OliverH) - icons.

If you are interested in taking part in the development of the IM kit, please let us know. Join us in our irc channel and tell us what you want to contribute with.

Thanks to...

Everyone who has helped and offered suggestions. Too many to mention them all without missing someone, and we wouldn't want to do that! Thank you! is providing source control for the project, thanks!