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The Development Change Log


Changes for alpha 11

  • Bug fixes in MSN add--on
  • Improved contact handling in im_server
  • More sound events: contact status changes and protocol [dis]connect
  • Bug fixes in im_client to make the protocol menu show correct statuses
  • Sounds from
  • Fixed "100% CPU usage if you block someone" bug
  • Fixed "Deskbar can't read settings" bug, should those with Dano too

Changes for alpha 10

  • New preflet
  • Added protocols, MSN and Yahoo
  • New client, info popper
  • Too many changes to list them all, over a hundred commits!

Changes for alpha 9.1:

  • Client handles dropped People files
  • Initial AIM protocol support
  • Smart(er) protocol selection in im_server
  • Contacts can be on any drive, not just boot
  • "Action" buttons in client
  • Away messages (for AIM only so far)
  • Various things needed to support multiple connections
  • The usual bugfixes

Changes for alpha 8:

  • Scroll wheel in client scrolls history
  • Deskbar icon shows current status
  • Clicking the Deskbar icon with your third mouse button opens your People folder
  • Various changes, fixes etc

Changes for alpha 7.1:

  • Fixed some bugs in im_client
  • Added saved history in im_client

Changes for alpha 7:

  • Changed flashing deskbar icon to red
  • Removed app-sigs from add-ons so they don't appear in Open with
  • Added new setting type: bool
  • Added settings for im_server and Deskbar icon
  • Added click-URL-to-open in client
  • Fixed a flooding bug that disconencted you from ICQ if you have a lot of contacts
  • Changed chat windows to not steal focus
  • Added auto-starting clients
  • Added selectable amount of output
  • Added duct-tape style fix for buffer overflow
  • Swtich to multi-line input in client
  • Chat windows remember position
  • Changed log to be per-contact
  • Person icons now reflect online status

Changes for alpha 6:

  • Various fixes
  • IRC-style /me support in chat
  • Sound notification if a message is received to a window not on current workspace
  • Improved text output from im_server et al
  • Updated GimICQ import utility
  • Changed query that's used to set contacts to offline when disconnecting so it matches all contacts that have a connection set
  • Added a Deskbar icon
  • If a window receives a message when not active, it's title is changed to reflect this
  • Also, the Deskbar icon starts flashing. Click it to activate the chat window

Changes for alpha 5:

  • Fixed bug where contacts weren't registered to 'receive updates'-list
  • Made im_server and sample_client SingleLaunch
  • Changed the way messages are handled by sample_client to fix bug with missed messages on startup
  • Changed the makefile for the ICQ add-on so it builds with the rest of the kit
  • Might have fixed Server::SetAllOffline() bug
  • Changed text colors in ChatWindow
  • Changed status "online" to "available" to get nicer lists in Tracker
  • Hopefully fixed the 'im_server uses 100% cpu on error' bug. Not sure though.
  • Added constants defining the texts for various statuses
  • Added more info on step one of the install instructions
  • Added ScrollToSelection when a chat window is resized

Changes for alpha 4:

  • Fixed the chat window so that the text re-wraps when the window is resized
  • Moved the source and changed to proper makefiles. new build instructions in imkit/src/README
  • Changed chat window: own text is gray, selecting text no longer messes things up quite as much
  • changed Contact::AddConnection and RemoveConnection to return status_t
  • changed Server::CreateContact to use Contact functions to add connection and set status
  • Added "Tips and tricks"

Earlier changes lost in the mists of history.