Custom, handmade font


I read a blog post by Sacha Chua who made their own font for use on their blog, and was inspired to make my own.

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Marklish: What English sounds like if you don't understand it


Have you ever wondered what a language you understand sounds like to someone who doesn't understand a single word of it? I've heard it said that my native Swedish has a lot of melody to it, like we're almost singing. I can't hear that at all myself, but perhaps it's easier to hear things like this if you don't understand the words being said?

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I published an app on the App Store


A while ago I released an app on the iOS App Store: Tågkollen, which translated to English is something like "train check". It uses an open API from the national transport authority in Sweden to display information about train departures.

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Solving an embedded mystery in ten easy steps


Sometimes there are bugs that cause mysterious effects that seems to defy all logic, but since we're dealing with computers we know that there's always a logical explanation for everything that happens. If you're running on a desktop computer with a few gigs of code running at once, finding the explanation is sometimes too time consuming, but on embedded devices you can usually figure out what's going on - one step at a time.

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App Store upgrade pricing is already here


One of the more common complaints with Apple's App Stores I read about is that Apple doesn't allow upgrade pricing. On a Mac or PC, if you've already bought version 1 of application Foo, you can often buy version 2 at a reduced price. People have been asking Apple to add support for this since forever, since the current "buy once and get updates for free forever" isn't sustainable. Developers need to be able to get more money from users to fund the additional work they're doing after the initial sale.

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Tinitell first impressions


A first look at the Tinitell wrist phone for kids, which I backed on Kickstarter. Will the delayed device live up to its promise?

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Laying out embedded GUIs


At work we've got a little layout problem. There's an embedded application with a GUI, made mostly by someone who left the company a while ago. Now I'm trying to make some changes to it, to add scrolling of too long texts and such. While doing that I exposed some bugs in the size and positions of various parts of the GUI, so now I need to do something about that too.

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The F2P game


When will the plague that is F2P end, and give us interesting games again?

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The App Store increased developer royalties by 23x


When the 30% cut that Apple et al take on sales in the app stores is being discussed, I always marvel at those who suggest that 30% is bordering slavery and that developers would be far better off without middle men. It's like they willingly ignore the realities of how a game (or other software) is marketed, sold and supported in the real world.

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LLMNR, Multicast DNS and names on your LAN


Let's say you've got a LAN at home (crazy thought!). You're a single minded kind of person, so all your computers are running the same operating system family. Assuming you remember what you named them, you can open a terminal and run "ping BobPC" and get back some ping timings. All is well.

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Game review: MicRogue


I like the concept of roguelikes, and so the last couple of years have been neat: a lot of indie games like to call themselves roguelikes, even if not everyone agrees that they really are. I don't think there'll be too much debate about the roguelikeness of MicRogue, though: it's got "rogue" in the name, it has a fantasy setting, death is permanent, and it's turn based. The only thing "lacking" is that there's no loot to pick up (except the dragon's treasure on the top floor) and no spells to cast.

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Blog tech


A little bit about the technicalities of the updated blog system I've built for this blog.

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Human evolutionary pressures


For some reason I thought about how the fashions of human matchmaking can shape the future of the human race – specifically our height.

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Money with expiry dates


The purpose of money is to get people to do meaningful things together. People who have money decide what's meaningful, and people who want money try to be the ones who get to do it. But there's a slight problem with money: it's only useful when it's actually used, and sometimes a long time passes by between earning and using.

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The music industry cannot win


Although this has been said over and over again, with a number of different theories to support the opinion, I've going to say it again: the music industry cannot win.

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As some of you know I've been unable to send emails from home using SMTP for maybe two months, due to my incompetent ISP. Now I've finally figured out what was wrong and what needs to be done, and I'm just hoping they'll actually be able to do it. Read on for the whole story..

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