A simple launcher app that let's you keep all those often-used apps in one place.

It's pretty easy to use, just drag'n'drop files and apps onto the menu to add them and right click the icons or handle to get a self explanatory context menu with options. To set the color of an icon or handle, drag'n'drop a color from a colorpicker such as kColor onto it.

Thanks to everyone who has sent me suggestions and bug reports, without you this app wouldn't be what it is today :)

New in 1.1:
Bug fixes by Shard, thanks!
Made it easier to compile with/without SpLocale

New in 1.0:
New resize-speed option, Instant.
New option, handle thickness
New option, floating (always on top)
Localization through SpLocale (Swedish, English and French included in zip)
Fixed some bugs

1.1 binary (SpLocale, get localizations below)
1.1 binary (English only)
1.1 source

1.0 binary
1.0 source

0.9 binary
0.9 source

Localization files
Deutsch, by Finn Bastiansen
English, by Mikael
Espanol, by Marcelo Cardoso
Francais, by Didier
Italiano, by Mattia Tristo
Magyar, by Joxy
Svenska, by Mikael

If you'd like to see your own language here, translate LnLauncher and send me the locale-file!

Adding icons: Drag and drop files from the Tracker (or other apps)
Removing icons: Right-click the icon you want to remove, select 'Remove' in the popup.
Changing background colors: Drag and drop a color from a colorpicker such as KColor.
Setting options: Right-click handle and select from popup. Settings apply to the current panel only.

copyright 2001 Mikael Eiman